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  • Waxed Hemp Twines
  • TW7/300
  • TW8/400
  • TW9/500
  • TW10/200

Vegan Waxed Organic Hemp Twines (Undyed)




  • Vegan waxed 100% hemp twines. Made from organically grown European hemp. Non-petroleum wax made from potatoes. No chemicals. No formaldehyde. We also offer beeswaxed hemp twines. Made in the European Union. Unbleached & undyed. No chemicals. No insecticides. No GMO. No dioxin.
  • Size SKU Price
    7-Strand, 300' spool TW7/300 $3.50
    8-Strand, 400' spool TW8/400 $5.50
    9-Strand, 500' spool TW9/500 $8.75
    10-Strand, 200' spool TW10/200 $5.50

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