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  • Recycled Tarp Cowboy Hat

Reincarnation Cowboy Hat




Made from recycled heavy cotton canvas tarp for years of everyday and adventuresome use. Tough, weathered, and full of character. Water repellent and water resistant due to the nature of the aged tarp fabric: not chemically treated with water repellents. Two metal grommets on each side, so can loop strings to tie under the chin, if desired. The hat is malleable (thanks to the structured heavy cotton canvas), so can be formed into the iconic cowboy hat look with raised sides. "Recycle and reuse" at its best, the Re-incarnation Recycled Cotton Canvas Tarp Cowboy Hat has a colorful story behind its unique weathered look. In short, it's been around, through wind, rain, snow, hail, sun, and more... anything Mother Nature could throw at the weathered heavy cotton tarp that has logged thousands upon thousands of miles as freight covers... The hats are hand made in Brazil by the people who know hats and need hats to survive in the heat of the tropics. Here's the Re-incarnation Recycled Tarp Cowboy Hat in brief: Wide-brimmed hats handcrafted out of wonderfully weathered old cotton canvas, with heavy stitching, shifts in color, fraying, stains, rips, punctures, patches and even occasional ink marks. Made from old heavy cotton canvas tarps discarded by Brazilian trucking companies after lengthy use as protection for freight.

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