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  • Raw Organic Hemp Protein Powder
  • Raw Organic Hemp Protein Powder

Raw Organic Hemp Protein Powder (1 lb.)




At almost 40% protein content, our highly soluble raw & organic hemp protein powder is the answer to raw athletes' and bodybuilders' prayers for a raw, vegan, and organic muscle builder and energy booster. Our raw & organic hemp protein powder is also essential for overall health maintenance and optimum energy level in all of us, athlete or no. It has the highest true (lab-tested and -verified) digestible protein content in the industry. It is also the most soluble of any hemp protein we have tested (no sediments/grits like some when you dissolve it in liquids or smoothies). The organic hemp protein powder has all of the goodness of the whole hemp seeds with most of the fat from the oil taken out, leaving you with a great source of usable protein that blends wonderfully well with any smoothie concoction. Hemp is a lot more digestible than soy and very pure as a natural protein source. Furthermore, hemp's natural nuttiness adds a uniquely pleasant flavor to any drink you whip up. Certified organic from select premium organic Canadian hemp seeds. Grown and prepared in Canada. Tidbits: The deep green color of hemp foods comes from their high chlorophyll content, which is widely acknowledged as one of the most healing substances in nature; chlorophyll is incidentally also the main ingredient in the composition of wheat grass, another highly healing plant food.

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