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  • Organic Wool Moisture Pad Protector
  • Organic Wool

Pure Wool Moisture Pad Protector (Free Shipping)




The 100% pure wool fabric of our Euro-Luxury Wool Moisture Pad Protector is naturally water repellant, making it the perfect natural protection for your organic mattress. Designed especially for children, the elderly, and infirm sleepers, our Euro-Luxury Wool Moisture Pad Protector will keep sleep-time accidents from getting on your mattress as well as absorb body moisture such as "night sweats" and night-time perspiration from soaking your organic mattress.

NOTE: Our wool moisture pad protector (in fact, our whole bedding line) is NOT sprayed with chemical fire retardants. Our 100% natural products meet US regulation 16-CFR part 16-33 standard approved 4D for flammability. Many customers have brought it to our attention that this is in fact not the case with most, if not all, domestic as well as imported bedding products, organic or not.

Our organically grown Texel wool is cruelty-free (full disclosure on harvesting and processing methods is given below). Two-inch wide high-grade elastic bands (for mattresses up to 12 inches thick) at the four corners secure the Wool Moisture Pad Protector against slippage.

Our Euro-Luxury Wool Moisture Pad Protector is machine washable in warm water but NOT machine dryable (dryer will shrink your wool pad). Line-hang to dry (the 100% wool fabric dries very quickly). You may also press with hot-iron over a damp cloth. We recommend airing your wool moisture pad protector once a month by hanging outside in the fresh air.

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