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  • Organic Wool Comforter

Organic Wool Comforter ($359 - $609)




Made in Canada. Sweatshop-free. Chemical-free. Breathable warmth that rivals the cozy plushness of down comforters, without the cruelty of down.

Free Economic shipping to 48 contiguous states in the US & most of Canada. Two weights: Tropical Summer Weight and Year-round 3-season Weight. Certified organic cotton casing; organically grown Texel wool fill.

Choice of Summer (Tropical Weight — for warm climates and those preferring to sleep on the cool side) and Year-round Three-Season (formerly Spring/Fall) Weight (recommended for most locations). More info about the two weights below.

SUMMER (tropical) weightDimension (inches)Fill weightPrice

Twin 63x86 350g/ sq. meter $359

Full 78x86 350g/ sq. meter $469

Queen 86x90 350g/ sq. meter $478

King 102x90 350g/ sq. meter $559


3-SeasonDimension (inches)Fill weightPrice

Twin 63x86 500g/ sq. meter $389

Full 78x86 500g/ sq. meter $499

Queen 86x90 500g/ sq. meter $509

King 102x90 500g/ sq. meter $609


  • Summer weight: 

    This lightweight organic wool comforter provides the perfect amount of comfort for sleeping in the summer (or year-round in the tropical and sub-tropical places like Hawaii, Florida, Southern California) as well as for those who don't need much help keeping warm (or for those living in a house which is kept quite warm through the winter). The soft organic cotton cover is quilted to the pure wool filling to ensure that it will not migrate to the corners, creating cold spots.

    Our summer loft comforter features 350g of wool per square meter. 

  • Year-round Three-Season (formerly Spring/Fall) weight: 

    This medium-weight organic wool comforter provides the perfect amount of comfort for sleeping when the nights begin to cool in the spring and fall, where temperatures often change drastically. All-in-all, a wonderful year-round comforter, suitable even for winter and the colder climates of northern Canada and windy Chicago. Slip under this soft and fluffy comforter and the wool will quickly trap your body heat while allowing your skin to breathe; in no time at all, you'll be warm and cozy, even toasty if your bedroom is kept on the warm side.

    Our spring/fall loft comforter features 500g of wool per square meter.

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