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  • Organic Soapnuts

Organic Soapnut

$10.00 $75.00



 All-purpose laundry detergent, cleaner, shampoo, & dish detergent. Costing as little as 12 cents per load, this is the most economical organic laundry detergent, period. Use once for hot water washes; for cold washes (up to 40°C), the soapnuts can be used twice. After being used for laundry, spent soapnuts can be used to create a cleaning solution for cleaning the house, shampooing your pets, etc... making this an even more economical option. Simple instructions for making a cleaning solution are given below. Dispose of used soapnuts in the compost pile, where they will break down completely. 

Soapnuts come in halves, the pits having been removed. Simply place 6 to 8 soapnut halves into the cotton pouch provided and add to the laundry. For hard water, use 10 soapnut halves. The soapnuts can be used twice with water temperature of 40°C, and once with water temperatures of 60°C and beyond (the higher the temperature, the more saponins are released during the wash). If you prefer scented laundry, simply sprinkle a few drops of your favorite essential oil directly on the organic cotton pouch. For heavily soiled laundry, use in combination with oxygen whiteners or Borax. Once you are done, simply add the used soapnuts to your compost pile or make a soapnut solution (as outlined below) that can be used for general cleaning chores.

Ingredients: 100% organic soapnuts. Organic cotton drawstring pouch for laundry included.

250 grams: $10.00 
(approximately 50 loads at 40°C or 25 loads at 60°C or warmer)

1 kilogram: $25.00 or $23.00 each for 3 or more 
(approximately 200 loads at 40°C or 100 loads at 60°C or warmer)


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