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  • Organic Mung Bean Face Powder
  • Organic Mungbean Facial Wash

Organic Mungbean Powder Facial Wash




Soft, clear, & luminous skin — without chemicals! Part of our one-ingredient collection of skincare and haircare products, which have received rave reviews from satisfied customers. Organic Mungbean Face Powder Wash — An ancient tradition rediscovered and promoted by Mahatma Gandhi as the perfect pH balancer and skin cleanser. (Did you know that Gandhi was also an avid student of health and natural healing, apart from his other accomplishments?) Completely natural. Soap-free; detergent-free. Fine powder — with gentle scrubbing, exfoliating action.

Wet face, put a strawberry's size on palm and rub face thoroughly for a deeply cleansing & gently exfoliating experience. Rinse with warm water.

Used daily, each PET bottle should last 1-3 months, depending on coverage. We use this twice a day and the result is fantastic. Does not dry the skin like soap does. Does not irritate the skin like chemically-made facial washes do. Apply our 100% witch hazel skin toner to hydrate and tone the skin for a refreshingly soft feel. No need to use anything else! For a perfectly natural bodycare experience from head to toe, we recommend our Organic Kaffir Lime Shampoo-Conditioner. Can also be used as shampoo to address scalp issues (wet hair, then apply mungbean powder and rub into hair and scalp -- rinse, or leave 10-15 minutes as hair conditioner before rinsing). Also use on the whole body or on specific problem skin areas instead of conventional soap — rashes, ringworm, itchiness, fungus problems, psoriasis, eczema, etc... There's almost something magical in mungbean powder that cleanses, refreshes, and balances the skin. Tip: Punch several holes in the metal cap to convert bottle into a handy shaker for dispensing organic mungbean powder.

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