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  • Organic Jasmine Rice Facial Scrub
  • Organic Rice Facial Cleanser

Organic Jasmine Rice Face Scrub




Organic jasmine rice facial scrub. 150 grams.

One ingredient. It's organic and it works! Gorgeous aromatherapy every time you wash your face! Ahh! The natural alluring scent of jasmine rice. Made from 100% organic Jasmine rice grown without pesticides or chemicals of any kind on a small family farm in Thailand. Very fine powder for perfect exfoliation: soft and glowing skin.

Put a small amount on your palm, mix with water, and scrub gently but thoroughly. Can be mixed with honey, yoghurt, fruit juice, or nut milk for a mask of up to 15 minuts or until dry. Rinse well. Can be used as often as needed. Perfect in conjunction with our Organic Mungbean Face Wash as well as our 100% Witch Hazel Toner (Alcohol-free) for the perfect clean, hydrated feeling. For a truly chemical-free bodycare experiernce from head to toe, we also recommend our Organic Kaffir Lime Shampoo-Conditioner. Tip: punch holes into the lid to make a convenient shaker.

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