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Organic Hemp Terry Towels ($16 - $149)




World's first and only organically grown European hemp terry pile towels. Organic hemp towels did not exist until we started making them in 2000.  As such, they are rare, unique, and very special, inspired by luxurious Irish linen pile towels of yore.  There have since been Chinese-made hemp towels, but they may have issues with chemical processing and with human rights in terms of sweatshop conditions during production.

Our heritage-quality organic hemp towels are chemical-free, sweatshop-free, and as pure and sustainable as they come. Much of the price of our hemp towels goes towards high-quality organic raw materials and sweatshop-free labor. Terry backing is made from 100% organic cotton.

New: We experimented with using fibers from a different part of the hemp stalk and came up with a beautiful soft green color in our organic hemp towels. No bleach and no dyes. Our organic hemp towels are now available in the Ecru Natural (creamy off-white) and the new color which we call Tuscana Rusticana for the verdant expanse of the Italian countryside

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