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  • Raw Organic Hemp Butter

Raw Organic Hemp Butter (250 gr glass jar)

$9.00 $54.00



250 grams—glass jar: 
$9.00 each 
$8.00 each for 6 or more

Our very special organic hemp butter is made exclusively from select premium organic hemp seeds. Nothing is added, nothing taken away. With this new organic hemp butter you're really getting all of the goodness in the hemp seeds in a delicious, pure, smooth, creamy, and spreadable form. (Most manufacturers out there add hemp oil to make their conventional hemp butter more flowy. We don't but you can also do this if you wish by stirring some of our raw & organic hemp oil into our organic hemp butter to taste.)

In the old country the peasants ate hemp butter. They were more resistant to diseases than the nobility, who shunned hemp butter as peasant food. Udo Erasmus, Ph.D., nutritionist, says: "Hemp butter puts peanut butter to shame in nutritional value."If you've never tried 100% hemp nut butter before, you're in for a real treat. Creamier than cashew butter and richer in taste than pine cream, our Hemp Seed Nut Butter is sure to win over the hearts of even the staunchest of nut dissenters. ;) Made exclusively for us in Canada, our Certified Organic Hemp Seed Nut Butter is a truly special offering, one that we are very proud and honored to be presenting to you.

It's so smooth, rich, and real-tasting that you'll wonder how you've managed without it for so long. Simply delicious and one of the most nutritious foods you can eat. A favorite with our customers, who just can't seem to have enough of it, and a highly recommended and regarded item at Rawganique.com, this is one nut butter you'll never get enough of.

Our certified organic hemp butter makes a great gift too, one that is health-giving and sure to be appreciated by your loved ones: the taste is great: voluptuous, creamy, smooth.) Yum!



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