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  • Organic Linen Bed Sheets
  • Organic Linen Sheets - Fine VS Extra Fine Weave
  • Ivory
  • Evening Sand Dunes (Natural)

Organic French Linen Individual Sheets $169 - $272




We have all heard whispered in hushed tones of the deliciousness & exquisiteness of fine French linens and Irish linens of yesteryear. Writers waxed poetic about them and poets lovingly penned tributes to their sensual texture and style (linen sheets were often described as "decadent" and "sinful" because they were exceptionally lush & beautiful). In fact, they were so revered in the Old World that one of the most important heirlooms a mother could give to her daughter on her wedding day were the linens that her mother had passed on to her on her own wedding day. Quality linens were the ties that bound generations, thanks to their durability and beauty that time only serves to enhance. 100% organic linen yarns. Made in Europe (depending on production lot, our organic French linen sheets may be finished in Denmark, Germany, or Romania). Sweatshop-free.

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