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  • Organic Cotton Terry Towels ($9-$139)
  • Organic Cotton Terry Towels ($9-$139)
  • Organic Cotton Terry Towels ($9-$139)
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  • Cactus
  • Pecan

Organic Cotton Terry Towels ($9-$139)




Rawganique's Euro-Luxury Hollywood Spa Organic Cotton Towels take you back to the time when things were pure and industrial chemicals were non-existent. We have selected the finest certified organic cotton yarns to provide you with a luxurious product that is as pure and sustainable as can be: no heavy metals, chemicals, or dyes were used in the production of our 100% organic cotton towels.

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Over the years, our customers have come to rely on us for hypo-allergenic products that are gentle on people, animals, and the planet, products that go a long way — because they are natural and pure — towards relieving allergies and skin conditions caused by prolonged exposure or contact with chemicals and/or radiation. Many physicians have specifically recommended our organic cotton towels to their patients suffering from allergies and skin conditions such as psoriasis, tinea versicolor, and more, or patients who have just undergone a major procedure like chemotherapy because our organic cotton towels do not irritate the skin like chemically treated towels may. Made in Europe (sweatshop-free).

Since 2000, Rawganique has supplied organic cotton towels to eco-aware folks the world over who seek purity in their everyday lives. Some of the most prestigious green-organic resorts, spas, retreats, and hotels around the world also obtain their organic towels from us. Our organic cotton towels are very gentle and ideal for people who suffer from multiple chemical sensitivities. Many dermatologists have been recommending our organic towels to their patients with severe skin allergies and patients who are sensitive to dyes, bleaches, and industrial chemicals and acids commonly used in the manufacturing of conventional cotton as well as so-called "green" cotton towels.

Countless customers have also reported that our organic cotton towels are the only towels they could use after undergoing major surgeries and being exposed to radiation and intensive medical procedures. In fact, many of our customers travel with the organic cotton towels they get from us to ensure purity on the go.

Beware: "Natural Cotton" or "Green Cotton" are not organically grown cotton at all — both are conventionally grown cotton (with all the pesticides and chemical fertilizers that the conventional growing process entails. The "Natural" or "Green" in the terms simply refers to the fact that no "additional" chemicals were applied during the manufacturing process. As such, the terms Natural Cotton and Green Cotton are quite misleading as they in effect are generally exactly the same as conventionally grown cotton.

This point is especially important for people suffering from multiple chemical sensitivities: many befuddled chemically-sensitive customers have reported to us that the "Green Cotton" products they purchased elsewhere brought on the same allergic reactions as conventional cotton. To be sure of true purity, especially where it really matters like intimates and bedding and bath products, it's best to opt for third party certified organic cotton towels. Hollywood Spa Organic Cotton Towels

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