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  • Organic Cotton Shopping Bag Made in Europe

Organic Cotton Shopping Bag




Over the years, we have had many requests for reasonably priced organic shopping bags that are pure, so one can be sure of true purity when shopping for organic produce and groceries. We have responded by asking our European factory to make us an oversized organic cotton shopping bag with extra-long handles for comfort. Made from IMO (of Switzerland)-certified organic cotton muslin that's quite strong, our organic shopping bags are handy to have in the car and in your purse. They don't take up much room when folded and they go a long way in keeping the ubiquitous plastic shopping bags from landfill. (At the Rawganique store, we use only biodegradable bags made from corn, but organic cotton and hemp shopping bags are much better in every way.) Our Organic Cotton Shopping Bags are perfect for food shopping as well as for carrying sundry items, making them extremely useful as all-around totes; they hold a decent amount of laundry too and are good for lugging books around. We are pricing our sweatshop-free organic cotton shopping bags as low as we can so that you can buy multiples to have around whenever you may need them. They also make perfect gifts on their own or as reusable containers to put other gifts in.

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