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  • Organic Cotton Pillow Protector

Organic Cotton Pillow Barrier Cloth Cover ($59 - $69)




Our Certified Organic Cotton Pillow Protector looks like a fitted pillowcase that's zippered on the short side into which you slide your pillow. The zipper is hidden in a fabric fold for safety. Absolutely essential for pillows in guest rooms. It's made from an unbleached & undyed, 100% certified organic cotton fabric that's impermeable to dust mites, dirt, dust, insects, and other allergens. A pillowcase would then go over both the barrier cloth cover and the pillow, giving you double protection. The organic cotton pillow barrier cloth cover keeps your pillows fresh and clean and so is especially perfect for kids' and guest rooms.

Our Organic Pillow Protector is made in Europe from the purest organic cotton yarns — the fabric is lush, tight, smooth, and long-wearing. It's also sweatshop-free, hypoallergenic, chemical-free, and ideal for folks suffering from multiple chemical sensitivities as well as those wanting the utmost purity in their sleeping environment. Many of our customers actually travel with their organic cotton barrier cloth covers to ensure a degree of purity by covering hotel pillows in the barrier cloth cover.

Care instructions: Machine washable and dryable (on low heat; remove promptly). Avoid bleach. 

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