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Organic Cotton Elastic-free Boy Shorts




Wear only the best and purest next to your skin. Since the skin can absorb toxins, pesticides, and chemicals used in growing and processing conventional fibers, it is essential that we wear only organically grown fibers next to our skin. 100% organic pima cotton: the very best long-staple cotton there is Lightweight, breathable fabric Non-confining: Make as loose or tight as you find comfortable; perfect as sleep panty as well Hidden drawstring design (drawstrings are tied on the inside so don't create a visible bulge under clothing). Drawstrings made of thin but strong 100% organic cotton tape Two drawstring holes: you can choose front tie or side tie Seamless crotch, for comfort Perfect for people with MCS and other chemical allergies & sensitivities. These are purest panties anywhere, guaranteed. Designed to create the least bulge possible, so that you can wear them under everyday clothing, even formfitting clothing. Super soft, super smooth, and super stretchy: the tree qualities premium oragnic pima cotton is renowned for. We designed this ultra-soft organic cotton boy shorts specifically for people with allergies, MCS (multiple chemical sensitivities), TILT, and skin conditions. Our Elastic-free Organic Pima Cotton Boy Shorts are made from 100% organic US pima cotton for true purity, softness, and stretchiness; no latex, polyester, Spandex, or Lycra in the fabric at all. Made in USA. Pima is the most luxurious cotton in existence, bar none: it yields long-staple fiber that is soft, stretchy, and lush. No wonder, our organic pima cotton underwear are the most popular by far among our customers.

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