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Organic Hemp Soap Info:

Our luxury vegan & organic hemp soaps and hemp oil shampoos turn the simple act of taking a shower into a bona fide political statement. Now you can take a slow, relaxing, and invigorating shower without worrying about all the chemicals that may be in your soap. Support hemp today and make the world a better place, one shower at a time... 

Here's one of the many positive reviews we have received from our customers over the years: "I am writing to give a GREAT review. I recently purchased 1 bar of Hemp Oil Soap and 1 bar of Hemp Oil shampoo. I tried the soap first and was BLOWN AWAY!! My skin felt so soft, rehydrated, and ex-foliated after using the hemp soap. I didn't know if it was just me, so I had my girlfriend try it the next morning before she went to work. She called me at work to RAVE about how smooth her skin felt. So, in short, your hemp soap is better than any store sold retail soap by a mile.  It is difficult to even mention, down here in South Louisiana, the word hemp without being considered a hippie or pot head. It is a shame because I know a ton of girls who would love this product if they could get over the fact that it was made by a plant that is related to cannabis sativa/indica. But, I am trying to spread the word for your product."

For volume discount, you can let us mix and match flavors of soap and shampoo or specify your own. Just let us know in "Comments/Suggestions" box at checkout how many of each flavors in shampoo and soap you would like!

Rawganique.com's Organic Hemp Soap Bars are made from food-grade certified organic hemp oils and vegetable oils. We do not use chemicals in making our hemp soaps, preferring instead to follow heritage recipes from when chemicals were not around. There are no long latinate words in our ingredients list (if they are unpronounceable, then they are probably chemicals with varying degrees of toxicity), so you can be sure of safety and purity. Since 2000, Rawganique has been offering hemp soaps in many unique "flavors" and motifs, scented with 100% pure essential oils. No Sodium Lauryl Sulphate. Sodium Laureth Sulfate-free.

For chemically sensitive people, we also offer Vegan Purity Hemp Soap and Vegan Purity Hemp Shampoo Bar which are completely unscented, good for babies, those with skin allergies, and anyone who prefer to live scent-free. All of our organic hemp soaps are vegetarian - vegan. They are made especially for us in Canada in small batches by artisans who've been hand-making natural soaps for years. Our hemp soaps really are as pure as can be. They make great little gifts to get someone started on the organic lifestyle and are great stocking stuffers for the holiday season, too. Bars measure approximately 3" long x 2" wide x 1.5" thick and weigh ~ 140 grams (~4.9 ounces). 

Over the last 10 years, we have received numerous reports from customers that our hemp soap and shampoo bars have been beneficial to many common problem skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, acne, dandruff, among others.

Our organic hemp soap bars are purity itself. No chemicals or synthetics whatsoever were used in their making. Made in the old style using old-world recipes, our organic hemp soap bars contain more than 30 percent of pure and organic finola hemp oil, which is about the highest percentage that can be used in a solid bar.

When we were testing the hemp soap out, we randomly sent samples to our customers so they could get back to us about what they thought. The unanimous response has been an enthusiastic "There's no going back to who-knows-what's-in-it soaps after this! I've never felt so relaxed and fresh after a shower."

And rightly so, as hemp oil is legendary as a skin (and scalp) care product and has been treasured for centuries all over the world for its soothing, moisturizing, and cleansing quality. Hemp is also naturally anti-septic. Our organic hemp soap bars will leave you feeling and smelling fresh—the faint nutty and wild aroma of hemp oil is very sensuous and refreshing.

If you're looking for truly natural and organic hemp oil soap and shampoo, designed specifically for the chemically-sensitive and chemically-adverse, then look no further: our certified organic hemp soap bars are the very best there is. Our organic hemp soap bars are also completely biodegradable (this is especially important to those of us who live out in the country—non-biodegradable chemicals may harm animals and soil organisms and septic systems as well as pollute our collective waterways).

Our soft hemp soap bars and shampoo bars are available in many exquisite motifs (the number and variety depend at any given time on our hard-working designers, who are constantly coming up with irresistible blends for your enjoyment), all 100% vegan and all containing at least 30% organic hemp oil.

Luxuriate in our new hemp soap concoctions of relaxing, calming, rejuvenating, healing, life-giving, and nutrient-rich herbs while our organic hemp oil works to cleanse and moisturize your skin to perfection. Absolutely no artificial colorants (we only use grapefruit seed extract as color stabilizer; therefore color variations are normal, expected, and part of the charm of our unique designer hemp soaps).

Please note: our organic hemp soap and shampoo are semi-soft bars so some denting in the corners is normal and doesn't affect the quality in any way. Also, our organic hemp soap and shampoo bars may come in a two-tone "Fudge/Twirl" variety. This is intentional on our designer's part to provide a more decorative look to our hemp soap bars. For gift packs, you may increase or decrease the number of shampoo bars in the set.

Hemp soap makes a great gift. Made in Canada from certified organic Canadian hemp oil. Grapefruit seed extract (or lemon essential oil) is used as a natural color stabilizer. Read excerpts from The Emperor Wears No Clothes by Jack Herer to find out why adding hemp to your life directly translates into a better world.

Hemp trivia: The war of 1812 involving America and Great Britain was sparked by the desire of each country to dominate Russian hemp supplies. Russian hemp production was also the primary reason Napoleon invaded Russia in 1812. —fromHemp: From Food to Fiber (Paul Benhaim)

We quote a recent comment from Tamara, one of our repeat customers: "Could you PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!! include a couple of Lavender soaps in my variety pack...?? I also would like to tell you that I LOVE your (organic hemp) shampoo bar!! I am trying to convert everyone I know to your all natural products!! They are wonderful for my skin and hair..." Definitely, Tamara; we'll be happy to! Thanks again for your infectious enthusiasm, continued support, and always kind words.

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