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  • 100% Organic Linen T-shirt
  • 100% Hemp Knit S/S T-Shirt

100% Hemp T-Shirt




This rare & unique organic hemp T-shirt is made from 100% hemp knit by a famed Danish knitter exclusively for Sweatshop-free. Chemical-free. Soft, cozy — feels like silk. Care as you would delicate knits and silks. One of our most popular products since it was first introduced in 1999, our 100% Hemp Knit Tee is now even better than before. Made from 100% organically grown European hemp knit (a rarity, a first, and still the only hemp knit fabric that's made from 100% European hemp yarns — it's a feat that is difficult to accomplish and took us many years of research and development to get it right). Soft, cozy, comfy, and ultra silky. For the purist who will not settle for anything less than truly sustainable products. The Hemp Knit T-shirt is by far our most popular hemp wardrobe essential, fit for the evening out as well as for everyday wearing. We wear ours everyday and we often hear from our customers how much they appreciate the purity and simplicity of this great tee. We highly recommend it to all our customers who are looking for a no-compromise wardrobe as, ecologically speaking, there is nothing more sustainable than organically grown European hemp.

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