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  • 100% Hemp Karate Pants

100% Hemp Karate Pants




We offer organic yoga-karate pants (as well as matching karate jackets) in four different fabrics (same cut). Great for martial arts, meditation, yoga, dancing, and casual wearing. Elastic-free. Classic styling. Authentic karate cut. Sweatshop-free. Gusseted crotch for comfort. Unisex. Made in Europe. 10 oz 100% hemp medium weight canvas. Breathable, soft, and durable. The roomy & comfortable gusseted construction of our Hemp Yoga Karate Pants is particularly great for folks with a very well-developed lower body from years of martial arts training, cycling, football, rugby, tennis, soccer, kick-boxing, tai chi, dancing, running, or fencing.

Extremely popular as yoga pants and as a casual drawstring with a twist, the Linen or Hemp Yoga | Karate Pants are also favored by many dancers for their graceful form and quiet elegance that help bring the underlying drama of artistic expression to the fore. They are of course perfect for yoga, meditation, gym sessions, and the various martial arts as well: karate, kung fu, judo, tai chi chuan, aikido, kendo, and jujitsu. Many customers have also used these as part of their hemp wedding outfits. Wearing instructions: Strings are drawn outward from the sides until the waist is snug, then looped through the belt loop in the front (in an ingenious pulley system) before tying; pants are completely free of elastic or Lycra/Spandex. Sizing: The proprietary non-elastic drawstring evenly distributes the excess fabric in the back of the pants, keeping the front flat and a neat, draping appearance all around, so that the pants never look bulky or ill-fitted, no matter how much smaller your waist is than the "maximum waist size" of the size in question.

Wash the hemp or linen yoga karate pants in warm water with like color using a mild, biodegradable detergent. Hang or lay flat to dry (many customers, for convenience, machine dry their pants on delicate/low and remove promptly just before dry — they have reported that the pants are apparently fine with this too).

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