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Hemp Dress Jacket




The RG591 Eco-Couture Hemp Dress Jacket has been the jacket of choice for hemp weddings, hemp purists, and eco-aware office folks, businesspeople, and professionals everywhere since we started making them in 1999. More and more people are discovering our hemp jackets because of their good looks; that the jacket is also sustainably made and eco-friendly is a planet-friendly bonus. Our hemp suits have also been worn to many a Red Carpet event by eco-aware celebrities such as Woody Harrelson. A sharp professional look and eco-awareness come together perfectly in our environmentally friendly hemp suit.

Since 1999, Rawganique PureClothes has supplied hemp clothing for so many grooms, brides, and the rest of the wedding party that we've become widely known as "Hemp Wedding Central" specializing in sweatshop-free European hemp clothing. Striving to improve on good things, we collected customer feedback and requests so that we could make the "perfect hemp wedding attire." The result — the Eco-Couture Collection by Rawganique – is perfect for hemp weddings, excellent for the day at the office, and suitable (pun intended) for business professionals everywhere. Featuring palm nut (corozo) or coconut buttons. Organically grown European hemp. 100% organic cotton sateen (lining).

The RG591 Eco-Couture Hemp Jacket is made in Europe by Rawganique PureClothes from organically grown European hemp, sweatshop-free. It is fully lined with a smooth and silky 100% organic cotton sateen fabric (100% synthetic-free) for the perfect shape and drape. No heavy metals or harsh chemicals were used in their production. The RG591 Hemp Jacket is our couture offering, one that is as pure and sustainable (and good-looking) as they come. We have heard from professionals the world over who are happy to find a sweatshop-free alternative to chemical-laden wool, cotton, or polyester suits: finally, a pure & sustainable organic couture hemp jacket & pants that are perfect even for the most important occasions (our hemp jackets have been worn to many a red-carpet event by eco-aware celebrities). Wear them with the whole works for evenings out on the town or casual with shirt and jeans. Whichever style you go with, you'll be sure to stand out in eco-style. Classic 3-button styling that's timeless and elegant. Natural coconut, tagua nut, or seashell buttons.

The fabric is a specially-woven breathable 100% hemp linen weighing in at a very fine 5 oz/sq. yard. The three-button design lets you wear the RG591 Hemp Jacket in ways that suit you. Button it up or leave a button or two undone. The shoulder is subtly (very slightly) padded for the perfect classic shape & look. Paired with our organic hemp slacks and vest, the RG591 Hemp Jacket makes the perfect eco-friendly hemp wedding suit and business suit.

Size Chest Sleeve length
(from shoulders)
Jacket body length
(top to bottom)
38R (S Regular) 38" 24.5" 31.5"
40R (M Regular) 40" 25" 32"
40T (M Tall) 40" 26" 33"
42R (L Regular) 42" 26" 32"
42T (L Tall) 42" 27" 34"
44R (XL Regular) 44" 26" 32"
44T (XL Tall) 44" 27" 34"
46R (XXL Regular) 46" 28" 34"
46T (XXL Tall) 46" 29" 36"
48R (3XL Regular) 48" 28" 34"
50R (4XL Regular) 50" 28" 34"
All measurements are in inches. R=men up to 5' 10" tall; T=taller men with longer body and arms, usually height 5' 11" and taller. Sleeves can be hemmed to size by your local tailor, if necessary. Please do not make alterations unless you are sure you're keeping the jacket. Altered or laundered products cannot be returned.


Care for them as you would high-quality professionally tailored linen or wool jackets. Spot clean or dry clean only. They can also be ecologically "wet cleaned" using biodegradable cleaning agents at select progressive dry cleaners. Tell the cleaners to treat the suit as high-quality lined linen or wool jacket & pants. Steam-iron or press at the highest linen setting.

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