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  • Hemp Shopping Bag

Basic Hemp Shopping Bag (Burlap) (Natural color)




Organic bag for your organic groceries. As pure as it gets. 100% Hemp Burlap Shopping Bag. Unbleached & undyed. No formaldehyde, no heavy metals, no pesticides, no GMO.

Made in Europe from 100% organically grown European hemp mesh-burlap. Just the thing for a trip to the grocery store and also handy to have around in case you need to lug odds and ends from place to place. It is designed to be a reusable, 100% natural fiber grocery bags, replacing the need for disposable plastic shopping bags. It is great for holding laundry too as the mesh fabric breathes exceedingly well. An attractively priced hemp everyday-living essential. The scent of burlap is natural and will fade over time. Air in the sun and fresh air to keep fresh. 3" x 15.75" x 17.5".

Price: $9.50 each; $8.50 each for pack of 6; $8.00 each for pack of 12.

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