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  • Organic European Hemp Baseball Hat
  • Organic European Hemp Baseball Hat

Hemp Baseball Cap




Made in Europe, from organic European hemp. Sweatshop-free. One size fits most. Adjustable velcro closure in back. Not machine washable. Spot clean with brush and a little warm water as needed. The classic baseball cap, made the right way...with 100% hemp fabric...from certified organic hemp that is processed without chemicals or pesticides of any kind in Romania. Only warm water and machine combing are used in the processing of the hemp fiber. No caustic sodas or acids were used at anytime (Chinese factories, on the other hand, regrettably use these highly toxic chemicals on a regular basis in their manufacturing of hemp products). One size fits all, thanks to the adjustable velcro strap. Because the hemp fiber is hollow and therefore breathable, you will never feel "trapped" in your hemp baseball hat even on the hottest of days. In fact, the hemp fabric's legendary ability to wick away moisture at a fast rate makes it the fiber of choice among nature's outdoors people everywhere. Our hemp baseball cap is far above the average: it features only 100% hemp fabric, no nylon liner like some caps out there.

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