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Elastic-free 100% Organic Hemp Anklet Socks




Specially designed for chemically sensitive people and eco-purists who cannot tolerate any elastic, our 100% Organic Hemp Anklet Socks are just that: 100% of pure organic European hemp goodness. No elastic. World's first and only. For medical reasons, many people can only wear 100% natural fiber socks: that's why we are making these as well as 100% organic cotton socks, 100% organic linen socks, and 100% organic wool socks.

These socks are not for everybody! They are like fine hand knitted linen socks from 200 years ago. They hug the feet fine, but aren't as hugging as socks with elastic. If you don't need 100% purity, we recommend our 97% Hemp Socks, which are purer than most but still behave like regular socks.

Note: Machine or hand wash; line-dry. Socks designed for casual everyday use. These sock are not designed for rigorous or sports use.

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