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Live Chat Support: Monday - Friday 7:00 AM - 11:00 PM (Pacific Standard Time) Weekends 9:00 AM - 11:00 PM (Pacific Standard Time) We provide extensive support via our Live Chat widget, which can be accessed at the bottom right of any page at Rawganique.com.


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Phone Support: Monday - Friday 9:00 AM - 2:30 PM (Pacific Standard Time) 1-720-899-4367. We observe statutory holidays in the USA and Canada. How to place an order: You can order online for fastest delivery and subsidized shipping rates; or by phone or mail. Our mailing address is Rawganique USA, 270 C Street, Blaine, WA, 98230. If you are mailing your order, please note that we accept postal money orders or bank drafts, but not personal checks.


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Payment Options & Taxes All prices at Rawganique.com are in US dollars. We accept payment in US dollars and Canadian dollars (converted at our bank's current exchange rate). We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express (Amex is charged in Canadian currency only), direct wire transfers (Email us for information), and, via PayPal, any other common form of payment. To pay in Canadian dollars, please enter 16 zeroes in the box for credit card at checkout, then click to submit the order. You'll get an error message that your card is not valid. Simply scroll down to the bottom of the checkout page and choose "Submit Offline". Then call us and tell us the credit card info over the phone, and we will process your order in Canadian dollars. We ship from warehouses on the East and West Coasts and we have a warehouse in BC as well. Residents of Canada pay GST; BC residents are charged PST and GST. There are no hidden handling fees. You pay for the products, shipping, and applicable sales taxes, and that's all. Pure, simple, and transparent.

Shipping Options & Speed We use UPS, Canada Post, and USPS. Shipping options depend on speed, weight and destination. At the online checkout, there is a drop-down menu for you to choose a shipping option with cost and delivery time. There is usually no delay at our end, and we ship in-stock items out within 1 business day. In North America these options are offered: Economic Shipping (6-12 business days; subsidized). We wait till all is in stock before shipping. Standard ( 4-8 bus. days). Backorders are sent when available at no extra cost. Express (1-3 business days to most addresses) Priority/FedEx (guaranteed by noon the second bus. day. Brokerage may apply).

Returns & Exchanges Most products are returnable and exchangeable in original new condition within 30 days of receipt. Made-to-order custom items such as mattresses, panties, underwear, and anything washed, worn, scented or soiled, for hygiene and in consideration to chemically sensitive customers, are not. For example, sheets and blankets that have been taken out of their packaging and all pillows, mattresses, and comforters are not returnable. Mail all returns by Postal Service only, to: PureClothes Returns (Order#...) Box 81 Denman Island BC V0R1T0, Canada. Please write on the outside 'Return for Refund - Product originated in Canada', and include a note inside with your name and contact info and telling us if you want a refund or exchange. Defective items must be reported within 10 days of receipt. We will examine and replace defective items at our expense.

Customer Account History There are "Register", "Login", "Account History", and "Logout" links in the menu bar (under "Account") at the top of every page at Rawganique.com. There, you can register for a free account so that you can view your order history with u

Privacy Rawganique.com respects your privacy. We do not sell, trade, or disseminate your information in any way to anyone. Period. Your email address is used only for the purpose of order confirmation and notification (along with tracking information) that your order has shipped or if we have a question about your order. Please follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook to keep abreast of our new products and specials. Security We utilize state-of-the art security protocol in our shopping cart to encrypt your personal information in transmission.

Rawganique.com Mission Statement We are here to offer alternatives to mainstream products that drain and poison the nonrenewable resources of our planet. Our goal is to provide you with quality products that are sustainably and ethically made that are also comfortable, functional, elegant, and always in style. We do not stand for sweat-shop or unfair conditions at any level of production and opt only for production methods that leave as light a footprint as possible on our already overtaxed planet, even if this means that some of our products may cost more to manufacture and to buy. After seeing the quality of and the love and care that went into our products, we sincerely hope you will agree. Rawganique believes in equal opportunity for all regardless of race, religion, age, personal beliefs, sex, sexual orientation, and country of origin. As an eco-focused hemp company, Rawganique.com uses recycled and reclaimed packaging as much as possible to pack and ship. Your package may arrive in a box that has been used a few times, but be sure that your box is clean and still strong enough to get to you in good form. It's what's inside that counts! All the filling materials are from recycled paper, recycled air padding, and/or recycled & recyclable peanuts. The little notes we use to write personal messages to you when we ship your package are all made from tree-free hemp scrap paper (hemp/flax/cotton blend). We use only digital photography and imaging software to create images for you to enjoy throughout our website to keep toxic chemicals used in traditional photography from our collective waterways and soil. Our catalogue is printed on 100% recycled paper with vegetable inks at a USA facility that's wind-powered. Note to customers suffering from multiple chemical sensitivities (MCS) and severe allergies: Please let us know in the "Comments/Suggestions" at checkout and we'll make sure that your products are wrapped in brown paper and tied with hemp strings so that they do not come in contact with cardboard boxes. We will also be happy to take other specific precautions per your request as much as feasible.

Frequently Asked Questions What is sweatshop-free? For us, sweatshop-free means fair wages, fair labor conditions and diverse workforce, and respect for human rights. The facilities we use are either unionized or operate under fair labor or worker-owned co-op conditions. We also have sew-at-home arrangements with artisans of many years' experience. Our products are made in USA, Canada, the EU, and Thailand. (It's true that having products made in these countries does not guarantee sweatshop-free conditions: even though human rights violations are illegal, sweatshops still exist, unfortunately.) We are a small manufacturer so are sweatshop-free almost by definition (sweatshops usually churn out big volumes for big manufacturers). More importantly, we are fully committed to making sustainable products that respect both human rights and the environment. Once in a while, a customer would ask us why our products aren't as "cheap" as some products made elsewhere: some reasons are high-quality organic materials and quality sewing cost more, and paying sewers a fair salary will result in a higher price than if sewers were paid a few cents an hour, as is the practice in many "sweatshop" factories. We are involved in the production process from beginning to end to be sure of procuring the right fabric weave & weight and the right fit & finish for our unique products. First, we obtain organic raw materials of the highest quality possible (it's very rare that we use organic stock fabrics, preferring instead to customize fabrics for each job to truly realize our designer's vision). Then we contract top knitters and weavers to turn our organic fibers into the perfect fabric for the job. Once the fabric is made to our specifications, we queue up at sweatshop-free sewing facilities or contract sew-at-home artisans to work on the production. Lastly, our products are ecologically finished, then packaged, and sent to our warehouse for distribution. We also carry a small number of products made by responsible organic outfits that are as committed to sweatshop-free practices as we are. Why isn't there a paper invoice or packing list in my box? All online orders receive an electronic order confirmation email with the details. We try to be as paper-free as possible. Creating an account with Rawganique (on the top of each page) allows you to access details of all your past orders (placed using your same email address). Do you offer wholesale? We do sell to retailers through our wholesale program. For details, please click here.

Bamboo (or soy or tencil) fiber products? No, thanks! In short: soy has issues with GMO and soil erosion and over-farming. Tencil comes from virgin wood (cut down trees, then use acids to break foober fiber into pulp to make clothing. Really? Why not just use organic cotton, linen, and hemp?). Bamboo. Well, bamboo fiber bears no resemblance to the beautiful bamboo plant. Why? Because loads of acids and chemicals are used to transform natural bamboo into made-made bamboo / rayon fiber. As designers, we are tempted by bamboo's promise and softness, but as eco-conscious people we have resisted the urge to use it because the process of turning the bamboo plant into a man-made, soft bamboo fabric uses way too many acids, chemicals, and natural resources for our liking. For now, we have found that we can make almost everything our customers could ever need with three ancient fibers that are pure, sustainable, versatile, and soft enough for any purpose: organic cotton, hemp, and linen. News: The US and Canadian governments are going after false claims made by manufacturers of bamboo products because the fiber labeled "bamboo" in many products is actually rayon. >>Under the Textile Labeling Act and Regulations, "bamboo" is not listed as a generic fiber name, and as a result it is not legal to identify the fiber content on a label as "bamboo". Because of the processing involved, "rayon" must be used." >> "Four sellers of clothing and other textile products with deceptively labeling and advertising these items as made of bamboo fiber, when they are made of rayon."

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