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Get comfortable, grab a fruit or vegetable drink, and join us on a picture-heavy stroll of our off-the-grid organic homesteading experience and a behind-the-scenes look at our organic cotton, hemp, and linen products.

Homesteading, and making our chemical-free natural fiber organic products, is what we are passionate about. We invite you to join us on the trials, joys, and tribulations of this exhilarating journey in three blogs:

   -- Off-Grid Homesteading

A visit at our homestead can be overwhelming at first. Here, we highlight the most important elements, lessons learned, fun moments, and anecdotes defining our daily experience around the year. Topics include growing fruits and vegetable organically year-round; alternative energy (solar and wind); greenhouse gardening, domestic animals we keep for companionship and manure; daily wildlife encounters; DIY enzyme cleaner, and much more. 

   -- Products: How they are made

An anecdotal behind-the-scenes look at how our organic hemp, cotton, and linen products are made.

   -- Photo Gallery


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