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About PureClothes.com Organic Products


Our Motto: We keep it simple, natural, organic.

In 1997, we left the city and came to live off the grid on Denman Island, a small island in the Strait of Georgia. 16 years later, we're still here, still full-time homesteading. We grow our organic foods year round in peaceful surroundings with the ocean waves gently lapping away. We tend to rescued chickens, ducks, and geese, which we love. We have two cats and three dogs. You can read more about them and watch them in action in our Off-the-Grid Homesteading Blog.

In 1999, we started making organic products for organic-minded people. 15 years later, we can’t distinguish customers from friends, as the friendships forged over common beliefs in chemical-free living are stronger than words can say.

To those of you who are wondering: yes, we are the homesteading folks who started Rawganique.com. PureClothes.com is our second baby, designed in response to customer requests for a different shopping experience that harnesses the responsiveness and interactivity expected of the many device sizes on the market.

PureClothes.com got technology that is not supported by Rawganique.com's html format. It's up to you which site you visit: they both offer the same great products. Rawganique is better for people with limited-bandwidth and older operating systems, and PureClothes is geared towards a higher bandwidth multimedia experience (product zoom-ins, blogs with comments, product reviews, embedded video product reviews, and more).

We are focused on making pure, sustainable, earth-loving products that are comfy and cozy. We refuse to leverage our name to expand into products that we cannot be proud of, just to make more money. That is why you won’t see any greenwashed stuff like bamboo or GMO soy here.

What defines our products? In life, we believe in yeses, but in manufacturing, we believe in no’s. No chemicals. No pesticides. No GMO. No sweatshop. No formaldehyde. No dioxin. No PVC. No BPA. Nasties in production? Nope, we don’t want any part of it.

Made in USA, Canada, and Europe. Made here, not there. Not happy with what we send you? Send it back and we'll refund you. Simple. We want you to be happy with your hypo-allergenic wardrobe so that you will love using it everyday, as our customers do. We make products that respect Mother Nature and our fellow humans. Thank you for believing in change.

Oops! almost forgot to tell you what PureClothes.com is about: We have 1,000 organic cotton linen and hemp clothing bed bath footwear food products and more. And we continue to write about our off-the-grid homesteading adventures in the Off-Grid Homestead Blog here at PureClothes.com. Till then....

From Thamm, Klaus, & Harry: the folks at the PureClothes Rawganique Homestead


Our original Homestead on the hill that started it all (solar piston pump pushes good-quality water up the hill to the homestead):

Solar panels and solar batch hot water heater and a full organic garden that supports us.

We installed another 16 250-watt solar panels on the roof of the workshop. The prices have come way down since 1997.

It took a few years for the water lilies to naturalize and become established in our 2-acre pond. The beavers kept eating them, so much so that some years there wasn't a water lily visible at all. What a pleasant surprise that now there 8 major clumps in the pond.

Sunsets are often the most peaceful, most beautiful time of day when you live on an island.

The resident Great Blue Heron that fishes just in front of our beach.





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