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About Organic

*picture of dandelion

Organic is the default state in nature. You don't see Mother Nature blanketing her soil and vegetation with chemical fertilizers and pesticides. Why do we? Plants grow just fine without chemicals that could endanger our health and our common planet.  Organic gardening yields beautiful tasty nutritious produce. We know so as we have been growing our own organic foods year-round for 16 years.

One question that get asked often is: if organic is doing nothing (letting Nature do the work of feeding and clothing us without chemicals), why is organic more expensive than conventional, chemical products?

1) Organic growers have to go through the hoops and incur lots of expenses to "prove" that they are organic, that they don't apply pesticides and chemical fertilizers. Why don't we turn the table around and make conventional growers and manufacturers declare what they put on their crops so we as consumers can decide if we want their products or not. Food manufacturers are required to put their ingredients on the label (although not the chemicals and pesticides and growth hormones and GMO used to grow and process the foods). Why can't be have a list of formaldehyde, dioxin, PVC, BPA et al used in the manufacturing of the clothing product in question? Is that too much to ask? If we are allergic to (or simply don't want to go near it), why can't we have that information handy on the label so we know to avoid that product? Sounds fair, right?


2) Organic crops are not subsidized by the government. Only conventionally grown crops like cotton, corn, milk, and canola are subsidized by the government.


Worthy of a mention: Thank you Vermont for giving consumers a choice to decide. GMO labeling now mandatory as of.... France has now banned ALL cultivation and sales of GMO crops. Way to go, France!

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