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Organic European Hemp Shoes with Natural Rubber Sole in Production

Posted: Jun 26 2014

Hemp Shoes Are Back. Featuring Natural Rubber Soles.


Bit by bit -- putting together organic European hemp shoes, the sweatshop-free way.

After much ado about a lot of things (it actually took us almost 3 years to get back into shoe production), we are now making hemp shoes and sandals again in Europe from organically grown European hemp, as we have always done.

We have noted customer feedback and requests over the past 15 years and are working with artisans in our atelier to bring out a variety of styles of hemp shoes that are practical as well as pure. We are addressing concerns chemically-sensitive customers have about soles by manufacturing a couple of styles of hemp shoes with natural rubber sole.

Shoe artisans are hard to come by these days — you know, craftspeople who hone their skills through apprenticeships and work, work, work to perfect their craft. We don't want some pumped-out factory product; we want to feel the connection with the past, with heritage shoe making, where the artisan fusses over each fabric, each sole, each pair of shoes as if it were their baby.

It takes a long time for our artisans to manufacture a pair of shoes. We are trying to be patient amidst our own excitement as well as that of our customers who have anxiously been waiting for hemp shoes that they can wear without worrying about which chemicals are in the shoes.

To let out some steam, we have put together a video presentation and photo gallery of a behind-the-scenes look at what we have been up to in the Rawganique PureClothes hemp shoe atelier. Bit by bit, we're putting the parts together into an environmentally-sustainable hemp shoe collection. Organic European hemp. Made in Europe. Sweatshop-free. We hope you enjoy it!

Here are some photos of the process of soling and hand-crafting. Each pair is lovingly made the time-honored European way.

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