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Elastic-free 100% Hemp Boxers

Posted: Jul 09 2014

As you may know, it took us almost 10 years to perfect our extra-fine 100% hemp jersey knit from organically grown hemp, a first of its kind in the world. The hemp fiber is notoriously difficult to make into fine knits because the resulting knit usually doesn't have enough structure to support a garment without getting all bent out of shape. Well, now that the task is done and we have an amazingly soft and pure 100% hemp jersey knit to work with, our designers have been busy drawing up new designs and prototypes which we are happy to share with you on this blog. Many of them have passed the testing page and gone to production.

The Back Story: We have admired the Scandinavian mesh underwear for years — how the mesh structure actually insulates the body against cold winds better than tighter fabrics. In Norway, fishing people use mesh underwear to keep warm; the insulating properties of natural fibers assure that their body heat is trapped while sweat gets wicked, resulting in long-wearing all-day comfort even in the coldest times of year. The breathability of natural fibers also insure that the groin area is kept ventilated and cool, solving one of the alleged problems of synthetic underwear causing infertility and reproductive issues.

Well, our 100% organic hemp knit boxers operate on the same principles, with hemp fiber offering an even more breathable alternative to cotton or wool. And they are 100% elastic-free. For comfort and hugginess, we reinforce strategic locations with 100% organic woven fabric seams so that the whole structure stays put.

Perfect for people with skin allergies and multiple chemical sensitivities. And for those demanding absolute purity and sustainability in their clothing products. Made in Europe. Sweatshop-free, as always. Coming real soon.

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