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16 250W Solar Panels, 2 Guys, 2 Days

Posted: Jul 09 2014

Sixteen years after we went off the grid, we have noticed that the prices on solar panels have plummeted to an unimaginably low level. So we thought, why not add more panels?? The south-facing workshop roof was free and so we went for it.

Two guys, 16 micro inverters, 16 250-watt solar panels, and 4000 watt hours later, we have a beautiful array of solar panels that are working for everyday. Today, we logged 24,000 watts generated from these 16 solar panels. What bliss to be off the grid! Well, this is a grid-tie situation as the workshop had grid connection. In BC where we are, we get a one-for-one credit for power generated, so our power generation will keep up nicely with inflation -- prices on electricity are expected to keep going up over the next years. And we are on top of it, making more power than we use. In this way, we are able to take the office and warehouse off the grid!!!

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