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A Small Shark On The Beach

Posted: Jun 26 2014

We were out kayaking today (we try to get a kayaking in almost everyday for exercise, relaxation, and just feeling one with nature) and saw a nice blue heron fishing, as well as sea lions swimming and skippers skipping on the water surface. We thought by that time that we had had a pretty good day for wildlife sighting.

Well, when we were almost on the beach, we saw a bird of prey fly away and there was a big fish lying there. Upon closer inspection, the big fish was actually a shark!

We examined it for wounds, found it still alive (amazing!), and submerged it in the ocean, upon which it revived somewhat and swam away. It all happened so quickly, we were giddy from the adrenaline rush. Perhaps if we had left the shark where it was, the bird of prey, might have come back for the shark? But what if it hadn't? Then the shark would have just died for nothing! Anyhow, the shark is back in the ocean; hopefully its minor wounds would heal, and it would have a nice fulfilling life in the ocean!

It was pretty dark. Thanks to the Nikon D7100 with its super high ISO, we were able to snap some shots in all the commotion. Without the photos, no one would believe that we had a shark in our hands!

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