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And Ode To Hummingbirds

Posted: Jul 09 2014

I've always been fascinated by hummingbirds. Come spring, you hear them hum - buzz, buzz, buzz, off they go - in the garden, but you hardly see them. They are tiny! Smart gardeners lure them with sugar water in hummingbird feeds, where you can watch them from a distance. But I feel iffy about sugar water for wildlife (or any sugar for that matter) so I prefer to plant flowers that their unique beaks are biologically designed to tap into, like nasturtiums. I get a glimpse of them here and there, but not long enough to take pictures of. Well, over time, I learned the time they usually come in the garden, and I lie in wait for them to visit their favorite flowers, and with a very fast lens I snap a whole bunch of photos, some of which will turn out to be sharp with the rest a quick blur as these guys are fast. Sometimes they rest on the ledge or a branch after visiting flowers.

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