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Encounters With the Great Blue Heron

Posted: Jun 26 2014

Great Blue Heron Fishing on the beach

There's a resident Great Blue Heron that lives on the abandoned property next door. We see this beautiful Great Blue Heron almost everyday on the beach in front of our homestead or on the fishing rafts. We have made a video of the Great Blue Heron fishing (what a great fisher!) and a photo gallery of this beautiful creature. They are very graceful and elegant in the water -- watch how this one moves without disturbing the water or warning the fish below.
During mating season, the blue heron makes this barking-screeching sound all day, partly to warn off marauders like crows and ravens their heron's nest. The sounds they make are pretty unpleasant and when they do it all day long for some days in the spring, you wish they'd pack up and nest elsewhere, lol. But the sight of them changes our mind. We lose track of time watching them fish. They are very prolific fishers -- one caught 18 fish in the one hour we watched it.
Enjoy! Denman Island, BC.


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