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Garter Snakes and Slugs: Tale of Two Species

Posted: May 18 2014

There are always things going on in our organic year-round garden at the Rawganique-PureClothes Homestead. From time to time, we post the highlights of the goings-on here. One in particular has been very popular with our readers: a garter snake swallowing a slug, a post which has taken on a life of its own, with school biology teachers sharing it with their students, etc... In it, I described how it took 15 minutes for the snake to swallow the slug, which almost struggled free a couple of times through the ordeal, until the snake renewed its attack with vigor and finally unlocked its jaw to engulf the whole slug, which didn't seem possible at first. It's hard for the snake not have claws to hold on to its slippery prey the slug, which understandably is intent on saving itself. It's also hard to be a slug, which would be much better off if it could crawl away at a faster pace.


I had enough presence of mind at the time to take some video footage of the event in addition to the photos I'd posted before. Events such as this remind me that it's always a good idea to walk around with a camera, even in your own garden. You never know what you'll come upon. Some photos follow the video. I had some time to spare, so I put the footage together into a trailer-type presentation. Enjoy! Let me know what you think by posting comments below! — Touch Jamikorn

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